Briefing Malware

Briefing Malware - 31/08/2021

31th of August 2021 - Winners of the 35th week : Raccoon, Redline and njRAT.

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NjRAT (ID Mitre: S0385) / AsyncRAT (NC)

Malicious Campaign Targets Latin America

#Cisco Talos a new version of a malware spam campaign used to deliver multiple Remote Access Tools(#RATs). This campaign targets companies i n sectors such as #travelling and #hospitality and use malicious Office documents with macro as an entry point After #Powershell and #Visualbasic script execution, it delivers RATs such as #NjRAT or #AsyncRAT The threat actor, named #Alosh seems to be the creator of the crypter 3 losh crypter RAT used in this campaign to generate the stages of the infection chain as well as for its evasion capabilities Talos spotted some similarities with technics used by #Aggah group, which could have partnered with #Gorgon Group APT.


LokiBot (ID Mitre: S0447)

Malware distribution campaign delivering LokiBot

#Trend Micro discovered a new malware campaign used to deliver #LokiBot This campaign is distributed by multiple well known mechanisms such as #phishing with pdf, docx or excel documents or the exploitation of old vulnerabilities within an RTF file (#CVE-2017-11882) or in Internet explorer (#CVE-2016-0189).


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