Briefing Malware

Briefing Malware - 29/03/2022

29th of March 2022 - Winners of the 13th week : NjRAT, Redline and Emotet.

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Vidar (NC)

A new phishing campaign exploiting help files distributes Vidar spyware.

Based on #Trustwave blog post, a new malicious email campaign aimed at spreading the #Vidar spyware in what appears to be a compiled HTML help file from Microsoft is underway. First observed in the wild in late 2018, according #Infoblox cloud security vendor, Vidar is a variant of #Arkei infostealer. The spyware is sold in online forums.

The campaign uses a novel technique involving Microsoft Compiled #HTML help files. The help files, which use the "CHM" suffix, are packaged in an ISO with the Vidar payload in a Word document. The "CHM" file is mainly a copy of a legitimate CHM file, but it also contains #HTML application code, which silently executes the payload.

The version of the malware used for this campaign is 50.3 and synchronizes with its #C2 servers which are hosted on the Mastodon social network. Once the malware is installed on the machine and then launched, its configuration file is retrieved from #Mastodon, and then the work of the spyware begins: collects system information and password data from browsers and other applications, sends this data as a #ZIP file to C2 server, and then deletes itself on the compromised host. Other malware may be downloaded to the targeted machine.


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