Briefing Malware

Briefing Malware - 27/06/2022

27th of June 2022 - Winners of the 26th week : Redline, NjRAT and Emotet.

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Emotet (ID Mitre: S0367)

Malicious Windows LNK attacks simplified with new Quantum builder

Malware researchers have spotted a new tool that helps #cybercriminals to create malicious #LNK files to provide #payloads for the early stages of an attack.

LNKs are widely used for malware distribution, particularly in phishing campaigns, with some notable malware families currently using them being #Emotet , #Bumblebee, #Qbot and #IcedID. #Quantum offers User Account Control (#UAC) bypass, #Windows SmartScreen bypass, the ability to load multiple payloads onto a single LNK file, post-execution masking, delayed start or execution. The authors claim that files generated with Quantum are completely #undetectable, indicating that antivirus engines and operating system protection mechanisms fail to flag them as suspicious or dangerous.

The #PowerShell script that runs when the LNK file is opened is very similar to the scripts used by #Lazarus in recent campaigns, indicating a possible connection. As long as the use of #LNK files is effective for malicious actors, the upward trend in their deployment should continue.


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