DevSecOps Adoption Framework

DevSecOps Adoption Framework

An overarching framework for enabling organizations to release secure software faster.

The DevSecOps Adoption Framework is an overarching framework for enabling organizations to release secure software faster. It helps to address security concerns without security getting in the way of delivery speed, and ensures software solution development remains agile.

As well as delivery practices, the Adoption Framework provides a DevSecOps Enterprise Reference Architecture, product descriptions and DevSecOps Blueprints. These combine to help technology decision-makers, DevOps teams and security professionals balance security and innovation along with continuous value delivery.

To facilitate the adoption of DevOps, the DevSecOps Adoption Framework comprises four stages, each containing a collection of Capgemini and Sogeti offerings:


Introduction - DevSecOps Adoption Framework
The goals, challenges, success factors of DevSecOps adoption.

1. Vision - Set the goals
Workshops with business and technology leaders on the business and cultural aspects of DevSecOps.

2. Enable - Make the guardrails
Assessment and design of technical capabilities with tehcnology leaders to craft the organizational needs for DevSecOps.

3. Activate - Pave the road
Setup the DevSecOps Enterprise Reference Architecture and work with the first team and provide trainings.

4. Adopt - Adopt by teams
Learn and improve the DevSecOps Enterprise Reference Architecture while expanding across organization teams.


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