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In the modern business world, weaving data modernization and AI innovation into the very fabric of your operations is essential. However, many companies find themselves entangled in the complexities of:

  • Convoluted Data Landscapes
  • Timely deployment of Data
  • Product Siloed Data Repositories

This is the problem space which many businesses find themselves—struggling to figure out how to seamlessly stitch together Data & AI, transforming them into a cohesive and powerful driver of business success.

How Microsoft Fabric and Generative AI can help 

Microsoft Fabric in combination with Generative AI acts like a skilled artisan, adeptly weaving together disparate strands of your digital ecosystem:




Simplifying the Data Landscape:

By integrating key functionalities related to Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, AI and Analytics that work together seamlessly in a unified platform via OneLake, Fabric enables creators to collaborate and do their best work.




Unifying siloed data repositories:

Data Scientists, Business Users and Data Analysts benefit from tighter collaboration, increased visibility into data pipelines and timely access to the right data assets. 




Gen AI for improving deployment timelines:

Productionalize Data Products faster than ever through Sogeti’s pre-packaged copilots for Software and Quality Engineering and Microsoft Fabric’s inbuilt copilots for Power BI, Data Engineering and Data Management.


What is Microsoft Fabric? 

Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one analytics solution for enterprises that covers everything from data movement to data science, Real-Time Analytics, and business intelligence. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, including data lake, data engineering, and data integration, all in one place. 

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These are all serious challenges, but with the right partner and appropriate solutions, they can be overcome. We invite you to tailor your Data & AI innovation with Sogeti and Microsoft Fabric, and stitch data modernization (and AI) into every thread of your operations landscape to propel your business into the next era of data excellence.

Tailored solutions:
Customized frameworks and accelerators to match your unique business needs.
2.svgSeamless transformation:
Smooth transition to a data-centric operational model.
3.svgAdvanced technologies:
Utilization of Microsoft Fabric for comprehensive analytics.
Scalable platforms:
Modern data platforms that grow with your business.
Rapid product development:
Accelerate the creation of new data products.
Robust governance:
Strong governance models for data management and usage.
Integrated AI:
Seamlessly blend AI capabilities into your business processes.
Transparent AI:
Our trusted AI Framework ensures clarity and control over AI solutions.
Strategic evolution:
Elevate data from a mere asset to a core element of your business strategy.

Sogeti’s Microsoft Fabric offers:


Launch for Microsoft Fabric is a four-week process that provides you with a blueprint and road map for your Fabric journey. It includes: 

  • Discovery workshops to align your business vision, gain a rapid assessment of your current landscape and create a modernization road map
  • Identifying your data products for your proof of concept (POC) and estimate TCO and ROI


Mobilize for Microsoft Fabric is a four-to-six-week process that focuses on POC use cases to prove value and accelerate your journey. It includes: 

  • Activating and deploying Fabric on your tenant and engineering your chosen data product for insight activation
  • Train-the-trainer sessions to ensure you have the right skills within your organization
  • A side-car mode-driven project with low impact and high results


Sogeti’s Generative AI offers

We provide you with exceptional offers designed to accelerate value creation and results.


Gen AI value orchestration

With this solution we accelerate value creation via workshop-in-a-box client sessions over a three-week period. We connect generative AI (Gen AI) with your company data, by providing you with the expertise needed both from technical, security and strategic domains to make it happen. We provide you with business-specific prompts, AI safety validation, and data privacy.


Gen AI platform accelerator

With this solution we accelerate value creation via workshop-in-a-box client sessions over a six-week period. We connect with your data, set up your Gen AI accelerator and fine-tune your LLM with domain data, providing you with expertise needed from technical, security, and strategic domains to make it happen. We provide you with business-specific use cases, private data analysis and prompt performance improvements on a platform designed for you to continue the Gen AI journey.


Trusted AI framework assessment

For four weeks we run an assessment based on our Trusted AI Framework to understand the level of maturity in your organization, and areas that need to be addressed to be compliant with the upcoming legislation of ethical AI implementations. We look at all aspects of the ethical guidelines: being fair, ensuring transparency, explainability, controllability, accountability, robustness, and sustainability.


Financial ingenuity and ROI

Collaborate with Sogeti and Microsoft to secure funding for your pilot and proof-of-concept projects in Data & AI. Benefit from solutions that provide a clear ROI and are built on a high-performance architectural foundation.


Our IDEA, your acceleration framework

Sogeti's IDEA (Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration) framework rapidly delivers scalable, secure, and resilient Data & AI environments with federated data lakes and trusted ML ops, slashing migration timelines from over a year to just five months.

Customer success

Sogeti has partnered with many organizations to help them overcome challenges and achieve greater efficiencies.


Sogeti supplied a multinational pharmaceutical company with advanced large language models to enhance knowledge management. These models were designed to process medical public data, refine search capabilities, and generate automated insights for staff.


Several of Sogeti’s international clients eliminated their technological debt through smart coding and data conversion. By utilizing AI for migrating legacy codebases and ensuring quality, thanks to built-in quality assurance, Sogeti delivered outstanding outcomes across various levels for all these clients.


A global health and hygiene company faced challenges in producing relevant reports due to its complex organization. They transitioned to a Microsoft Azure Data Platform and replaced older BI-systems thanks to Sogeti’s coordinated international efforts. They also adapted the platform for an ERP upgrade to SAP 4/HANA. Now, the project offers the organization improved insights and provides a foundation for advanced analysis and data science.

Our Experts

Joakim Wahlqvist

Global CTO, Data and AI, Sogeti

Prithvi Krishnappa

Global Head, Data and AI, Sogeti

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