Sogeti Technology Outlook 2022

Human Happiness as the ultimate goal of innovation

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It is difficult to conceive a period in recent history where the demand for change has been higher than today. Organizations are confronted with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment where the predictive models of the past, like budgets, forecasts, long-term strategies and information architecture loose there usefulness quickly. The one crisis is quickly followed by the next, requiring immediate response and fundamental change. Organizations that are unable to react quickly and decisively loose out and face existential risks.

It seems there rests hardly any time for some inner thinking and reflection. However, the challenge to build an Innovation Ready enterprise that possesses the resilience to overcome these systemic shocks, has the maneuverability and agility to change overnight and brings the creativity to constantly reinvent how it provides value, is no sinecure and requires careful consideration.

Information Technology can play an important role in increasing an organizations maneuverability, if implemented with future change in mind. Its platforms, practices and partnerships can be designed in such a way that it will not only enable quick and drastic change, but it will even be a catalyst for change.Break-1.png

In this document we explore how information technology can be implemented in such a way that true digital assets emerge that will bring the innovation ready enterprise a step closer.

By focusing on creating a Unified Digital Platform on top off which practices like Agile Solution Delivery, Advanced Analytics Capability, Hyper Automation Drive and Business & IT Fusion are coming to fruition, the conditions are created to thrive on the waves of technological innovation while guarding the digital happiness or wellbeing of all stakeholders. By understanding how new technology trends relate to the innovation needs of the individual enterprise and by applying straightforward balanced design principles, a strategic ‘future fit’ roadmap can emerge.

We at Sogeti are committed to help you implement such a roadmap and make it work.