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Our society is changing and emerging technologies like AI have the potential to change everything – how we work, how we live, how we communicate.

Immersive, highly personalized experiences are simplifying customer journeys and boosting sales. Augmented operations are reducing costs and powering smart factories. Across industries, AI is empowering employees and driving material performance improvements. It’s happening today and we help organizations adopt and benefit from these changes.

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Influencing sales

3 in 4 organizations implementing AI increase sales of new products and services by more than 10%

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Engaging the customer

75% of organizations using AI enhance customer satisfaction by more than 10%

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Boosting operations

78% of organizations implementing AI increase operational efficiency by more than 10%


Organizations want AI in their businesses but often don’t know how or where to start? When AI is developed it is often on a one-off basis. Development teams are struggling to get their AI projects into production. And AI models require continuous monitoring and updating.


The difference - Our focus is production ready AI First.

The AI graveyard is a big phenomenon, that is why we also go for production ready AI. We have built a journey where we move from activate to transform to re-imagine. Where we move from days to weeks and then months, we guarantee continuous outputs, using projects to kickstart certain initiatives or augment their team with knowledge that they don’t have.

By infusing AI across the organization. Moving beyond isolated deployments to create solutions that accelerate AI deployments.


Winning the beetle battle

Spruce bark beetles are affecting 65,000 football fields of forests in Sweden and destroying $622M of wood. Sogeti is using a satellite imaging, AI and machine learning based on Microsoft technologies to make the spruce bark Beetle battle problem thing of the past for Sveaskog, the largest forest owner in Sweden.


It’s more than bots, machine learning or maths

We believe in an ethical, people-first approach. Every Perform AI engagement considers culture, process, data and technology – proactively managing the effect of each new initiative on your AI-enhanced workforce. Building trust and transparency to ensure adoption and success. We think it is so important that we created a specific product for this that is called Artificial Data Amplifier, ADA for short.

We can use ADA to kickstart but also to take away any personal information before we start building AI. This guarantees the privacy of your end customer as you will be using fake or synthetic data not personal data. AI, but even better that they can tell their customer that they use their data ethically. This is how we are infusing ethics into our offerings.


Below are the building blocks to get you started or accelerate your current deployments of AI.

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AI Activate

Activating AI

to start & accelerate the deployment of AI

  • Prioritize the right use cases with the AI Gallery
  • Applied Innovation
  • Enterprise stakeholders mobilization

3-5 days

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AI Transform

Infuse Business with AI

  • AI Senses
  • Data & AI platform foundations
  • Change management (People, Process)

4-5 weeks

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AI Re-imagine

Redefine your business

  • Create/redefine products, services, processes and the entire business model from an AI First context
  • Build & run platform foundations to support fast innovation and exponential market growth

3-9 months

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Client Stories

AI Activate: AI for Quality Assurance

Business problem

  • QA on gas meter installations takes too long and only a small percentage can be checked.


  • Speed up gas meter checks.
  • Uses Object Detection to predict if a gas meter properly installed. The framework we use can learn different characteristics and combine them to make a full prediction.

Car Auctions

AI Transform: Combining Vision and NLP for Cognitive Document Processing

Business problem

  • Documents from organizations can be in different formats extracting information is done manually and extremely labor intensive.


  • Automate extraction of content from documents in different formats.
  • Uses NLP and ICR to extract all relevant information from the documents.

AI Engineering: Continues Learning for Fraud

Business problem

  • For every new tenant, start over structuring data and developing fraud model. Fraud model is black box, insufficient trust in outcome. Current fraud cases not captured in model intelligence.


  • Create a system that will learn from user-provided feedback and adapt by putting that information back in the system in a continuous learning feedback loop.
  • Uses Machine Learning and satellite images to identify where there is spruce bark beetle activity.


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