Smarter solutions drive smarter business. Analytics is a strong enabler for the Digital Enterprise.

Our offerings

To speed up your use of analytics we offer three concrete services:

Wide Angle Rationalization Program (WARP)
WARP provides you with an assessment and understanding of the current state and builds your analytic roadmap for your next gen platforms, clearly indicating the next steps. Approach, plan and transformation journey can be delivered in a few weeks.

We have:

  • 100+ WARP engagements executed each year
  • 45K+ applications analysed
  • 250+ WARP clients to be inspired by

Analytics as a Service
We provide you with a time boxed proof point to understand the value of data and analytics with a low cost and high value ROI. Create a new innovative offering, from idea to production in a few months.

We have:

Business Insights Service Center 
We provide you with an industrialized Business Intelligence and Analytics delivery and use our Rightshore delivery model to optimize your cost of engagement. Find multiple cost savings with a data driven decisions approach.

We have:

  • 30+ clients engaged through multi-year engagements, the longest running BISC 9+ years
  • Identified millions in cost saving through a proven approach

Why Sogeti

Let us point out some of our strengths that you will benefit from by collaborating with us:

  • 100+ Roadmaps delivered every year
  • Millions saved by customers through the use of Analytics capability delivered by Sogeti
  • Measurable Year-on-Year cost savings provided by the Managed Services offering
  • Expert developers
  • Agile methodology expertise
  • Global partnerships with Microsoft and IBM
  • Partnership with Pivotal, Cloudera and Hortonworks

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