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HP, Microsoft®, and Sogeti working together offer complimentary platform, tool and services vendors that provide turnkey industry solutions for our clients.  By combining HPE Hardware with Microsoft Software and Sogeti Services, clients receive full lifecycle services from planning and implementation to high level data science services and ongoing management services if needed.


Pressure is mounting on healthcare providers to optimize costs and minimize the demand placed on emergency departments.

At the same time, a shortage of doctors in the US, and more demanding expectations from the public around the patient experience mean providers must do more without increasing resources. This means it is becoming increasingly critical to predict trends that are likely to affect payers and providers, and take preventative steps wherever possible.

A hospital administrator may use the solution to get a quick update on admission numbers for the day, or she may want to get more detail on the trends in cardiac arrest patient admissions to all the hospitals and clinics in her county over the last month. This could help her and her team spot possible demand increases and offer proactive outpatient care before they create a bottleneck in the hospital emergency room (ER), which is the most costly form of treatment.


Keeping the customer happy in today’s customer-centric world is an increasingly demanding challenge for retailers who are battling an extremely competitive landscape.

Consumer expectations and behaviors are constantly changing due to their reliance on technology to become a more informed shopper. Retailers must create a seamless experience between online and
in-store shopping, improve quality of service, have a greater depth and breadth of choice on-demand, and empower employees to meet these demands.

With Data Driven Solutions, retailers can use analytics to improve real-time insight into customer behavior and wants; empower employees to provide the customer with what they want at the right time; increase dwell time and basket spend, while enhancing customer loyalty by giving customers a seamless experience. For example, in one scenario a customer may approach a store while logged in to the store app. Their email address is then sent to the API app, which sends a notification to the store assistant’s tablet that the customer has just arrived and provides her with details about that customer’s profile and recent purchases so she can provide a more informed service during the customer’s visit.

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