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We manage your cloud journey, end-to-end, to improve agility and quality while keeping costs low.


Our modern portfolio for Cloud presents our end-to-end capabilities. The market trends are clear. Digital and Cloud technologies are changing the way and pace of the way we do business. 

Reports show that more and more cloud services are needed for both legacy systems and new investments in IT. IT departments must be facilitators for the business and create the foundation for the new style of IT. Maintaining the rock-solid foundation of your Core IT for business execution combined with a fluid approach of dealing with the pace of digital business where greater agility and shorter delivery cycles is key. Gartner calls it Bimodal IT. We call it OneDeliver.


Challenges you may face

How can I:

  • Define a consistent and coherent journey moving to the cloud?
  • Reduce costs while improving agility and quality?
  • Improve velocity, reduce time to market, and capture new business opportunities?
  • Migrate applications to the public cloud?
  • Integrate applications in the cloud or build cloud native applications to create new services?


Our offerings

OneMigrate is an overarching story to supports the end to end migration journey of a customer. It decreases the time needed to gain cloud benefits and increases the enterprise readiness by using all the services of OneDeliver (Advice, Align and Animate)

OneNative helps customers realize benefits through a best combination of digital and cloud using modern systems on public cloud platforms and all services of OneDeliver (Advice, Align and Animate)

Sogeti transforms Workplace Environments into High-Performance Platforms.
How happy are your employees? The ability to free up your people to easily collaborate, innovate, and work the way they want to work is a new measure of business success.
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Value we bring

  • Provide a suite of possibilities to migrate and /or build applications to Cloud
  • Transform at the speed and flexibility required by our customers
  • Address both Infrastructure and Application transformation with a DevOps methodology
  • Enable full migration and managed services via a unit based pricing model
  • Collaboration with public cloud providers (mainly Azure and AWS)


Our partners




Our IT-landscape will be more flexible with the application transformation to a public cloud environment. Moreover, we ensure software liability and security. Our partners are well-experienced in these complex projects so we are looking forward to a successful and innovative change over the coming years.
Jeroen Sanders, Managing Director ICT of Enexis Group

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