SMART WorkSpace as a Service

Give employees secure access to the technology they need, when and where they need it.

The principle guiding today’s business success is survival of the fastest, as rapid digital transformation drives you to innovate and be agile enough to enable new services quickly. Work has changed drastically, happening at all hours of the day, and organizations now see the value of a work environment that is results driven, allowing employees to work where they want, and when they want to accomplish their goals.

Your workforce expects 24-hour access to enterprise applications from all devices, corporate and personal, whether they are in the office, on a plane, or at home. This connected, distributed workplace provides new challenges for the business, and currently many IT departments struggle to meet these expectations in a secure, cost-effective way.

Sogeti SMART WorkSpace as a Service (WaaS) relieves lines of business and IT departments of this added administrative burden, providing your workforce with access to the technology they need, when they need it, and in a secure way. Rather than worrying about the latest security patches, OS and hardware updates, you are free to focus on running your business in a secure, always-connected, reliable and performance-optimized environment.

A modern and future-proof workplace environment

Sogeti’s WaaS provides a modern and future-proof workspace. Provided as a service to the organization, WaaS creates a fully personalized digital work environment that is flexible, cost-efficient and adapted to the individual needs of each user.

Why Smart WorkSpace as a Service? A secure, agile workplace

Fully managed by Sogeti, SMART WaaS provides:

  • A rich user experience, even when employees are not connected to the cloud.
  • Reduced investment in IT resources.
  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Access to enterprise applications and services from any device whether PC, laptop, thin client, tablet, or mobile
  • A SMART WorkSpace Portal for collaboration, sharing documents, checking corporate news, requesting access to new applications, and more.

Sogeti SMART WorkSpace Portal

  • The testing and fine tuning of all your applications to run on Microsoft’s latest security patches to ensure you’re always up-to-date.
  • A future-proof platform that integrates with legacy systems and future service capabilities.
  • The very best security assurances using Sogeti’s close relationships with Microsoft and Intel and experience in deploying more than 10 million Microsoft systems over the last 10 years.

Simple step-by-step migration path

You’ve signed up for SMART WaaS. What happens next?

  1. Sogeti will start managing your current devices right away.
  2. Your existing directory service will be moved or added to Azure Active Directory, providing you with single sign-on capability to any cloud or onpremise web application and securing identity.
  3. If you’re not already using Office 365, Sogeti will migrate you to Exchange Online and SharePoint Online so that your email, calendar and contacts are always available on premise or in the cloud.
  4. Your applications will be tested for compatibility with Windows 10, packaged for distribution and then made available on the SMART WorkSpace Portal and deployed to your current systems. The portal features a workforce management dashboard that connects to your organization’s news feeds, document storage for collaboration, application requisition and deployment.
  5. Sogeti will then migrate your current devices to Windows 10 and, as needed, with the help of Intel, will work with you to select the best, new enterprise-class, 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor-based device with the right features for your needs, chosen from a range of OEM vendors.
  6. Moving forward, Sogeti will manage your devices using Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite and Windows as a Service, ensuring all your applications and the latest Microsoft updates are pushed to existing and new devices through the SMART WorkSpace Portal.

SMART WorkSpace as a Service operational diagram

SMART WorkSpace Portal enhanced with POWELL365

Powell 365Sogeti’s SMART WorkSpace portal is a unified digital workplace, that provides an organization with an optimized platform for communication and collaboration. The portal is role based, makes it easy to access and request applications, push corporate communications, and requires no development time to get started. Sogeti’s SMART WorkSpace portal is enhanced with technology from our partner, POWELL365 to make the portal a powerful solution to design, deploy and manage, providing a simple and personalized digital workspace that users love.

The SMART WorkSpace portal provides a complete set of tools and applications to the end users, including:

  • News
  • Events
  • Corporate search
  • Collaboration tools
  • Social connectors
  • Document management
  • Applications

The SMART WorkSpace portal will provide you with a solution to provide your users with a rich responsive experience on whatever device you choose regardless of platform.

Why are Intel 7th Generation Core vPro devices important?

Intel’s mission is to empower businesses to capitalize on digital transformation, using the power of technology to enhance user productivity and increase security. The 7th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ creates a new device experience with the performance to get more done, the security to provide peace of mind and the management capabilities to maximize uptime.

The 7th Gen Core vPro platform uniquely helps IT professionals achieve more across the areas they care about to evolve into a digital business. As part of the 7th Gen Core vPro platform, Intel Authenticate has been launched as our multifactor authentication solution that uniquely protects identities in the hardware, reducing exposure to softwarelevel attacks where the majority of attacks happen.

Also, Intel® Data Guard was announced as the Intel end-to-end solution that uses common back-end infrastructure for ease of deployment, and providing the ability to secure the files and folders of managed systems using hardware enhanced security features only available on 6th & 7th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor based systems.

Today’s 7th Gen Core vPro devices enable a modern workforce coupling elegant designs with power and performance for the ultimate PC experience. The result is end-users have more choice than ever across a range of devices from 2in1s to all-in-ones while getting increased battery life.


“Companies that prioritize offering the best and most sleek productivity tools in a modern office environment will attract the best talent.
Our 7th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor signifies an inflection point of new innovation with a breadth of elegant devices specifically designed for business.”

Tom Garrison
Vice President and General Manager
Business Client Platforms
Intel Corporation


Sogeti SMART WaaS is a fully managed solution that saves your business all the time and investment which traditionally belongs to workspace management - allowing you to focus on your business and drive innovation. Sogeti takes care of the integration for all your applications, whether they are delivered from the cloud, or locally installed on your user devices, as shown in Figure 3. WaaS combines the user experience your employees require, with tight controls on cost, quality and security.

The workplace is no longer a place, it’s what people do.

Smart WorkSpace as a Service scenarios. Any application, on any device, anywhere, at any time


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