Cybersecurity Threat Hunting

Cybersecurity products alone are not enough to protect today’s digital enterprise. That’s why our Threat Hunting offer uniquely combines automated collection with in-depth human analysis. It identifies advanced persistent threats and reduces the risk of a missed attack.

Don’t risk your survival by failing to spot a cyber attack

Increasing digitization has created wide-ranging vulnerabilities for the modern enterprise. As cyber attackers find ever smarter ways to breach security defenses, research suggests that it can take more than a hundred days to detect an attack on your system. Thus, the cost of failing to identify an attack has severe implications for your bottom line, from a loss of customer confidence and potential theft of intellectual property, to fines for data security non-compliance.

Detecting unknown attacks and flagging suspicious activity

Would you know if your IT system had been compromised? Our Threat Hunting service recognizes that 100% protection can never be guaranteed, so it’s vital to spot a malicious intrusion as quickly as possible. We take a unique approach to achieving this.

Unlike cybersecurity product companies, we keep our scope narrow (we focus on a defined critical perimeter), but we do not restrict the number of alerts flagging suspicious activity. Human analysis reduces the risk of missing an attack, while a focus on anomalous behavior and unwanted changes to authorized programs detects unknown attacks.

A unique combination of human analysis and automation

Our Threat Hunting service goes beyond automation. By incorporating expert in-depth human analyses, we reduce the risk of automated data analysis on its own missing malicious intrusions. With attack methods constantly evolving, it’s difficult for detection tools to stay on top of the threat. While SOCs base detection on a large perimeter for known threats, we consider the unknown and advanced persistent threats. And by accepting more false positives, we also greatly reduce false negatives.

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