Interview with Bernard Barbier

Interview with Bernard Barbier, Special Advisor on Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense at Sogeti

In what way is Cybersecurity an increasingly important feature in the IT sector?

"Sogeti launched its Cybersecurity services in the beginning of the years 2000 and is responsible for the Cybersecurity offering for the entire Capgemini Group. The interest from companies and organizations has grown rapidly in the last five years. We have seen a large increase in the demand from our clients. Previously, Cybersecurity was merely a question for the security experts within companies. Today Cybersecurity is discussed in company boards and executive committees. Security issues for systems and networks are there from the very moment they are created. Recent stories around Stuxnet, Aramco and Snowden have generated an increased awareness from leadership on Cybersecurity topics."

How will the Cybersecurity offering impact the Sogeti Group? Are there important opportunities?

"Cybersecurity represents a business worth around 30 million Euros for the Sogeti Group. We are planning to accelerate the growth in 2014 with the objective to hire yet another 100 new employees within this field of expertise.

The Sogeti Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cap Gemini S.A. has appointed me Special Advisor on Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence. The objective is for me to reinforce Sogeti’s development within this area, particularly on a global basis. Due to my expertise, my new role consists in visualizing for the top management level within organizations what are the risks and the possible implications. Cybersecurity is a topic both for the private and public sector. It is actually one of the rare spaces where these two players face the same issues and therefore the interactivity between these two worlds becomes even more relevant.

In addition, Sogeti is a leading player in the French market and a trusted provider of technology related services for large companies and the public sector. As such, we receive a growing number of spontaneous job applications from potential candidates."

How many new employees do you plan to recruit within the Cybersecurity area and what profiles are you looking for?

"We need many new employees. For instance, within Sogeti France and Sogeti High Tech we are planning to recruit over 100 new employees with a Security-oriented profile. Primarily we are looking for:

  • System and Network Security Engineers
  • System Security Administrators
  • Security Architects
  • Security Project Managers
  • Security Managers
  • Security Analysts
  • IT Security Consultants
  • Ethical hackers

What are the personal qualities and competencies that you are looking for?

"On top of the technological and functional expertise within Security, which are both essential, we are also looking for a certain state of mind (curiosity, “know your enemy”, no total security, balance of means and risks, not spending 100 if you are risking 10, …), if you have that, all doors are open. R&D, technological expertise, design, implementation of solutions, operational management in a SOC (Security Operation Center), management of incidents, advisor on political, technological, regulatory, organizational, or expert in data management security, etcetera. The salary scale will obviously be consistent with this growing market."

What training is currently requested and offered within this area? Is there enough training available?

"Currently, for instance in France, the higher education system does not produce enough Cybersecurity experts – far from it actually. There is an urgent need to develop training in this area and multiply the number of graduates: The question for France and other countries is; Do we want to let foreign competitors deal with Cybersecurity within companies and the public sector nationally?"

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  • Bernard Barbier
    Bernard Barbier
    Special Advisor on Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense
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