Appitecture and Appcademy

Building an A-grade app requires high knowledge in software architecture, structured development and high quality testing and cybersecurity measures. Sogeti's Appitecture and Appcademy certifications is a water mark for good quality.

Companies and organizations face the challenge to create and maintain their apps with high quality. In many cases, apps have been created by non-IT or inexperienced players that has very low knowledge in software architecture, structured development and high quality testing and cybersecurity measures.  This increases the risk for low quality apps that can hurt a brand more than build it, and such apps are also hard and expensive to maintain over time. To support the speedy implementation of solid and high quality mobile solutions that perform well and that are easy to maintain, Sogeti has created its global framework Appitecture and accompanying certification program Appcademy.


Appitecture consist of architecture and development guidelines, a complete set of sample apps with source code for the most important platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Cross platform tools like Xamarin, Mobile First, HTML5. It also includes checklists for project startup and app store submission, it has templates for documenting architecture and requirements. We think of it as our secret sauce in making our clients have success with their apps.

The main benefits with Appitecture are:

1. Getting started creating apps faster
2. Remove most common pitfalls
3. Apps with higher quality
4. Apps that perform well
5. Apps that are easier to implement and maintain


To ensure high quality and knowledge sharing Sogeti also created a certification process under the name of Appcademy. It consists of a kit of e-learning sessions. At the end of the training the attendee builds an app according to the guidelines and when approved gets certified. All apps are shared within the Appcademy and Sogeti app communities worldwide.

"Considering the fact that the companies behind the major mobile platforms (Apple and Google) do not offer any certifications for building apps with their tools products, we put together Appcademy, our training and certification program for app developers.  We have 50 certified and highly skilled Appcademy experts helping clients all over the world build world class mobile apps", says Christian Forsberg, Global Digital Lead Architect and the man behind Appitecture and Appcademy.

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    Christian Forsberg
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