Digital transformation with HPE

Creating the Digital Enterprise with Sogeti and HPE

Sogeti has a strong partnership with HPE. In the age of digital, we form a strong collaboration that can provide powerful solutions to large variety of sectors and businesses.

Sogeti and HPE originally began collaboration within the testing space over a decade ago. Over the course of the past several years, Sogeti and HPE realized that our solutions, in conjunction with software and applications from Microsoft could be optimized to run on HPE’s hardware and could provide significant value for our joint customers. The emphasis on Digital Transformation has made our ability to innovate with HPE even stronger and has allowed us to create new and exciting offers that help to fuel digital transformation in the enterprise. 


Data Driven Decisions for Retail, Healthcare and Manufacturing
Today data is fragmented, and relevant data sources today come from inside and outside the enterprise. Organizations need to consume, aggregate and analyze massive amounts of both structured and unstructured data from a plethora of sources is real and required to capture the attention of today’s clients.

Microsoft Analytics Platform for Healthcare, Retail and Manufacturing enables mobile employees and customers to work with data on any device and includes Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite, HPE ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform , O365 and Power BI with Cloud Data Services that can be delivered through desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

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Sogeti Application Security Testing
End-to-end Mobile Testing services catalogue spanning leading Mobility platforms and Mobile App types (Native, Web & Hybrid)

  • Mobile Test Automation Framework
  • Mobile Functional & Compatibility Testing:
  • End-to-End Mobile Solution with HPE Mobile Center:

Sogeti Mobile Testing Center
Sogeti offers a simple and fast way to transform your application security testing and reduce the risk of introducing new ways of working.

  • Powered by HPE Fortify on Demand, our solution requires no hardware or software investment. It embraces different levels of risk, from simple marketing sites, to internal and external business applications, including those holding credit card information. This solution can also launch a security initiative in just one day and deliver results in less than a week. Supporting 1000s of desktop, mobile, or cloud applications, we test any application, from anywhere.

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Creating the Digital Enterprise
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