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The ongoing digital transformation all around us impacts everything, from everyday life to how businesses operate. Digital excellence has become a key differentiator between winning and losing. Our Digital Advisory Services help speed up your digital transformation journey.

Digital transformation

Digital is not just one thing but instead ways of doing things more innovatively and efficiently, with the purpose of creating value and driving radically improved customer experiences. Market leaders across all industries are increasingly "Innovation Ready" and push ahead by quicly adoption new and innovative technologies. Next generation digital solutions transform how businesses interact with customers, how we work, and what business models are applied.

Digital transformation requires agile business and technology leadership. Innovation accelerators are explored at increasing pace, including artificial intelligence, IoT, and conversational interfaces. Digital dexterity, how well the organization learns and adapts, requires re-envisioning value propositions and how employees are brought together.

Sogeti is in the forefront and helps drive disruptive changes across industries in 15 countries. As part of Capgemini Group we contribute to the entire group’s thought leadership and transformation methodologies.

Digital adoption offers new opportunities to reach unprecedented levels
of business efficiency. Our top expert in the field of Digital,
Andreas Sjöström, shares insights on successful Digital Transformation.

What we do

Sogeti Digital Advisory Services works with leading brands in delighting their customers and delivering winning business performance. Our Digital Strategy Advisors support organizations on their digital journey and what makes us unique is that we see things through all the way to technical implementation.

We get things done.

Our services include:

  • Define and develop digital strategy
  • Service Design Thinking driven concept development of new digital product and services
  • Designing cohesive digital customer experiences in true omnichannel contexts
  • Facilitation of digital roadmaps
  • Innovation labs and innovation process implementations, including Applied Innovation Exchange
  • Digital Customer Experience and Maturity Assessments
  • Exclusive Digital Round Table events

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Disruptive innovation is a key component in Digital Transformation.
Andreas Sjöström, top Digital and Innovation expert at Sogeti,
sharing why that is and how Sogeti can play a supportive role to
provoke and bring new perspectives as you innovate and move forward
on your Digital Transformation journey.

Thought Leadership
Report: Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps
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