Digital success is not only about technology. It’s about creating and supporting a new kind of behavior by looking at it in a digital way. Increase usage to new levels through innovative gamification solutions.

What makes a user motivated? Every time we start a new project that is one of the first questions we ask ourselves, since we think that real value is created by the actual use of services. We strongly believe that we above all must offer value-adding services for the user. We do that by trusting our long experience of usability and user experience – the area called UX. However, sometimes it’s not enough to create the level of engagement we are aiming for. Then we gladly add gamification to the table.

Gamification is not a game. It’s an area of expertise that the largest experience-based industry in the world, the gaming industry – has been using for 40 years to make us dedicated and engage us. It’s all about the driving forces and mechanisms that trigger us. It’s also about esthetics and how feedback works. But above all, it’s about engagement; to know when, where and how engagement emerges.

Gamification is all about increasing engagement when offering services of any kind. We choose to see it as a rucksack packed with methods and tools to engage your users, your clients and your colleagues – on their own terms.
Start a conversation with us how principles of gamification can be used to create motivation, effect and create value for your organization. The largest experience-based industry in the world was not built on theories of how to amuse people – it was built on the knowledge of how to make results. That is what we can do for you.

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    Jorik Abspoel
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