Sogeti SMART WorkSpace

Sogeti transforms Workplace Environments into High-Performance Platforms.

The workplace is transforming. People have multiple devices and work from anywhere and everywhere. 1.4 billion people will be using smartphones and tablets within the year. Eighty percent of work happens outside the office. People collaborate with tools that allow them to share files and work together.

The workplace is no longer a destination - it’s what people do.

Windows 10 is here, and it is a significant leap forward for business, but a SMART Workspace is more than Windows 10. Your organization may want a standardized, tightly controlled workplace, which is secure and easy to manage. End users want to use their latest devices and have at least as good an experience as what they can get privately.

Sogeti’s SMART Workspace is a Digital transformation solution for migrating your business to a more electronic, cloud-based, mobile-enabled and multi-device platform. It enables a company to be more agile and use technology to speed up business. Sogeti can help your employees do what they need to do, wherever they are.  This means the workplace becomes where the people are, not where they go to work. Because business happens in the meeting room, the living room, a coffee shop, or the grandstands of a basketball game. When the workplace moves to wherever people are, and everything centers on the end-user, people are always connected and more productive.





It’s easier than ever to collaborate in the SMART Workspace. Enhanced collaboration applications enable your people to share ideas and recognize each other’s efforts, contributing to a happy workplace environment.




In the SMART Workspace, people can work from anywhere, with enhanced mobility solutions keeping them connected and productive, even when they’re not in the office.

Reduced Costs


    Reduced Costs


With budgets stretched and costs spiraling, it’s reassuring to know that your IT-related costs can be significantly reduced with a pay-per-use model in the SMART Workspace.





You’ve already taken a significant leap forward with Windows 10. Now, you can seamlessly integrate new tools and future service capabilities with your legacy systems, whether they’re delivered from the cloud or from your on-premises platform.


Success Stories:


Client: Post Luxembourg

Industry: Telecommunications



Client: Amadeus

Industry: Technology



Client: Friesland College

Industry: Education


Client: Automotive Client

Industry: Automotive



Client: Cintas

Industry: Retail



Client: Euopean Union

Industry: Government


Learn more about SMART Workspace
Learn more about SMART Workspace
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