cognitive qa

Cognitive QA workshop

Kick start your Cognitive QA Journey in half a day.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for faster and higher quality software assurance. 

Quality validation, end-to-end customer experience validation and testing of applications across a myriad of devices and platforms make for a complex challenge for most organizations today. With Sogeti’s Cognitive QA approach you will be able achieve accelerated and optimized quality, by using an intelligent approach to QA.

We have performed several ‘Proof of Value’ workshops with clients from different industries, including Medical Devices, Building Technologies and Server and Storage Technology, and delivered significant process improvements and test efficiency savings for our clients.

The key focus is on analyzing structured data to optimize existing test sets and configurations as well as sharing insights and providing predictive quality metrics using an intelligent dashboard. We start this off with a half-day session to assess if you are ready for Cognitive QA.

In this half-day workshop we identify those challenges in your QA process together with your SMEs where Cognitive QA has the potential to significantly accelerate and improve the way you are working and define the scope of the Proof of Value.

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