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Digital Testing

Reliable value thru digital assurance. Digital Transformation is driving the need for a higher focus on QA and Testing.

We are now witnessing a true mind shift for both business and IT operations, it is not just about using new digital technologies to become better or faster; it is also about being creative and effective in putting new digital technologies to use, ahead of the competition. The existing digital innovations and developments around social media, mobile, Big Data analytics, Internet of Things and smart devices are the enablers for this transformation. They equip companies with the tools to get closer to customers, empower their employees, and transform their internal business processes. This transformation is occurring rapidly in all industries to deliver a delightful customer experience.

Digital solutions implementation creates new testing challenges

New technologies associated with Digital Transformation are causing specific challenges for the QA and Testing function.

  • Test integration of services across local platforms, private and public clouds
  • Testing of end-to-end workflows, and the orchestration of data and services
  • Consistency of solutions across multiple channel interfaces (mobile, social and traditional systems).

Some of these major challenges listed above reflect how difficult organizations are finding it to test and compare the consistency of graphical user interfaces and application operations across different customer channels (front desk support system, customer accessible web portals, and customer accessible mobile apps). This is especially in light of rapidly increasing machine configurations and browser versions. So the major digital implementation challenge is directly related to the validation of customer experience.


Our Services

We create reliable value through digital assurance. We offer:

  • Customer Value Assurance
  • Customer Journey Testing
  • Business Performance Assurance
  • Fit for Purpose Checks
  • Omni-channel Testing
  • Test environments and test data services

Our Commitment

These are the benefits and outcomes to which we commit:

  • >20% increase of test velocity
  • >30% reduced total cost of testing
  • <1.5% severe defects in production

Why Sogeti?

Let us point out some of our strengths that you will benefit from by collaborating with us:

  • World leading expertise & innovations in testing for more than 25 years
  • Distributed network of test delivery centers, digital assurance factories and Mobile Testing Centers of Excellence, both onshore, nearshore and offshore
  • Digital test automation frameworks and platforms enabling continuous test automation for agile development teams
  • Smart digital testing solutions for test operations, test environments and test data
  • Flexible access to tools and devices for digital testing
  • Commitment to quality outcomes, quality cost efficiency and test velocity.
  • Comprehensive service catalogue allowing as-a-service engagements as well as secure managed service models

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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