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Mobile Testing

Sogeti is a global leader in testing and mobile application development. We offer mobile testing methodologies and solutions to ensure that the intended business value is delivered by the mobile solution. We offer fine-tuned mobile testing services supported by our proven and industry recognized testing approach, TMap NEXT®, and can deliver mobile testing capabilities to your organization through our Mobile Testing Center of Excellence.

Mobile Testing is at the very heart of business-driven initiatives across companies and organizations. Make sure you are well prepared and teamed up with the strongest and most experienced team.

We offer organizations a full range of mobile testing services.


TMap® NEXT for Mobile: A structured Mobile Testing approach 

Our mobile testing services are all supported by our industry-recognized structured testing approach, TMap NEXT®.

We have adapted TMap NEXT® to optimally support mobile testing.

The TMap NEXT® for Mobile test method can be used in several contexts. It is adaptable to very different clients, circumstances, and development methods. This is relevant for mobile, because mobile development processes are often agile, with a short time to market. TMap NEXT® for Mobile can also be used in different settings. For example, it can be used in projects on client sites but also in our own Mobile Testing Centers of Excellence. It can be used in an agile development process as well as in waterfall projects.

The TMap NEXT® for Mobile test approach ensures the right balance between risks, results and costs. Essentially, we drive business driven mobile tests that focus on core aspects of delivering business value.

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