The Reality Show

October 14, 2021 | 15:00 - 19:00 CET

On this year's Executive Summit we will explore the world of media that are tremendously enhanced by technological progress in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The event will be held in a ‘hybrid’ fashion; featuring in-person attendees and live presentations delivered virtually by our expert guest speakers.

Watch the key highlights of the Summit


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Note : We will continue to monitor and be cognizant of evolving circumstances apropos the pandemic and may accordingly adapt the format of the event should the need so arise.

Organized as a hybrid event, at this year’s Executive Summit you will be joining physically and will be able to discuss and socialize with your peers. The speakers will join online and will be broadcasted to your venue. There will be ample room for meeting old and new friends and networking during dinner. 

You will be able to exchange ideas with your peers locally and participate in a global debate, broadcasted live from our studio in Amsterdam, where we will host a variety of insightful speakers. They will undoubtedly inspire interesting discussions around the table. 

Real Fake: Playing with Reality in the age of Artificial Intelligence

We will also be publishing our new book “Real Fake: Playing with Reality in the age of Artificial Intelligence”, that concludes our two-year study and comes with surprising answers about how to deal with this new media revolution. 

View the recording of Executive Summit 2020

Join the global debate

  • Should we look beyond the hype and alarmist views to reach for the game changing and rewarding business opportunities?
  • Why is it important to understand the technological possibilities and new tools for storytelling?
  • Why do humans choose to ‘play with reality’?
  • What are the business implications for everything from marketing and branding, to security, knowledge management, customer engagement and trust?

Our speakers

Nina SchickNina Schick, Author, Advisor and Speaker

Nina is an author, advisor and speaker, specialising in how technology is transforming geopolitics and society. Nina helps organisations and businesses understand and navigate the exponential technological changes of our age. She is an expert in Deepfakes and synthetic media, cybersecurity and the geopolitics of technology. Nina has advised global leaders including Joe Biden, and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Secretary General of NATO. She also advises private companies, government agencies and NGOs. Nina’s debut book, ‘Deepfakes,’ was released in 2020.

Nina Schick on LinkedIn

Mikael KlintmannMikael Klintmann, Information Behavior expert

Mikael is a Swedish Professor of Sociology who teaches at Lund University. He has a passion for undogmatic knowledge exchange and is an expert in strategic ignorance and knowledge resistance. In his recent book “Knowledge Resistance: how we avoid insight from others” he explains why people ignore, deny, and resist knowledge. In a world of fake news this question has never been more pressing.

Mikael Klintmann on LinkedIn

Ronald VoornRonald Voorn, Media, Marketing and advertising expert

Ronald sees a lot of business opportunities in the use of synthetic media. Ronald has been active in managing brands since 1982. The first ten years in the world of advertising, after that he was responsible for the Heineken brand. He now teaches economic psychology and advertising at the University Utrecht and the University of Twente. For his PhD study, he conducts research into value-driven brands.

Ronald Voorn on LinkedIn

Michiel BoreelMichiel Boreel, CTO Sogeti Group

Michiel Boreel is Group Chief Technology Officer, part of the Management Board of Sogeti Group on international level. Michiel leads SogetiLabs, a research group with the goal of inspiring customers to apply new technology in business processes. Based on his research and books, he is often asked for his engaging and visionary speeches or in the role of Master of Ceremony at national and international events. Additionally he works with many clients to create in-house innovation workshops where emerging technologies are translated into specific business innovation opportunities.

Michiel Boreel on LinkedIn

Menno van DoornMenno van Doorn, Research Director SogetiLabs

Menno van Doorn is Research director of SogetiLabs. Throughout his career he has published many books and reports on the impact of new technology on society and human behavior. The latest series of research that he published was on Digital Happiness and how GenZ is shaping the world through technology.

Menno van Doorn on LinkedIn


14:30 - 15:00
A Local Welcome

All around Europe attendees will join the Reality Show at local venues. You will be welcomed by your host and will meet with the other participants at your physical table. The program for the afternoon and the rules of “The Reality Show” will be explained by your local facilitator.

The live broadcast from the studio in The Netherlands will commence with a word of welcome by Sogeti’s global managing director Stefan Ek. After that Sogeti CTO Michiel Boreel and Director of the SogetiLabs research institute Menno van Doorn will set the stage by introducing the theme “The Reality Show”. They will challenge you with a provocative question to take part in a first round of debate.  

Together with our first guest speaker Nina Schick, investigative journalist and author of the book ‘Deepfake and the coming Infocalypse’ we will explore the risks of deepfakes, but also the opportunities for beneficial use of synthetic media.

Attendees will be invited to have a debate on the reality crisis and come up with some original ideas on how to respond.

Our second guest is Mikael Klintmann, professor of sociology at the University of Lund, Sweden, and author of the book ‘Knowledge Resistance’. Together with him we will explore how the playful nature of Man is influencing the way we deal with information and knowledge. Should we be concerned about the increasing amount of disinformation on the Internet? Is factfulness the right response or are there other ideas to take into consideration? What can we learn when we ‘unpack’ human behavior and what are the opportunities?

The advantages of resisting knowledge and the learnings of how we deal with information will be the topic of this third round of debates. You’ll be asked to come up with fresh insights and ideas to follow up.

Our third guest, Ronald Voorn is a former chief marketing officer of Heineken and lecturer in advertising and consumer psychology. Now that we understand that synthetic media fit perfectly with the playful nature of Man, we will explore the infinite possibilities that arise and discuss how organizations can leverage these. First requirement for success is that we need to change our mindset about what reality actually is. But how do you accomplish that mental shift?

Again you’ll be asked to become creative and come up with out of the box ideas.

After all the food for thought the attendees will enjoy drinks and dinner at their local venues.

The Executive Summit is for invitees only

Please contact us for an invitation!

Margo Langeweg
Margo Langeweg
Executive Event Planner, Sogeti
Phone: +31622546440