Sogeti Executive Summit 2022



October 13-14, 2022 in Dublin, Ireland



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A glimpse of our Executive Summit in Dublin where 12 thought leaders shared their perspectives on the theme of Metamorphosis.


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For many of us, life seems to have been on hold for nearly two years. The pandemic has forced organizations to rethink every aspect of their business, embracing a new level of creativity to adapt to this new world. 

With this, we should not be surprised that some organizations will emerge from this crisis stronger, more agile, more creative, and more resilient than ever before. It is similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar transforming into a fluttering butterfly: change can bring a beautiful, new beginning.

  • So what lessons has the crisis taught us?
  • What are the prerequisites for success in the post-pandemic era?
  • How is technology enabling this reinvention? 

These questions will be at the heart of this year’s Sogeti Executive Summit.

Although much is still uncertain, what is already clear is that organizations can only morph themselves into something more beautiful by looking inwards, not outwards. So, what will be your inward response to these metamorphoses?

  • From the 2D internet to the 3D metaverse
  • From wasteful production to a regenerative economy
  • From physical experiences to virtual transformations
  • From life-time employment to the gig-economy
  • From surveillance capitalism to digital happiness
  • From data processing to empathic computing

Our 2022 Sogeti Executive Summit is an invitation-only event that will feature a diverse group of inspiring speakers, exciting small-group discussions, and unique experiences to enjoy the vibrant Dublin culture.


Thursday October 13th

State-of-the-Art sessions

Friday October 14th

Welcome back

State of the Art sessions


State of AI applied to Quality Engineering

Time to market is critical, as is perfection in all aspects of delivery. As users immerse themselves in rich user experiences outside of work, expectations for the same caliber of experiences have become table stakes. While the discipline of Quality Engineering and Testing at its core remains unchanged, just about every aspect of how Quality is achieved has changed. This includes legacy approaches to software testing that are no longer adequate for modern applications.

This session discusses the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Quality Engineering and Testing (QE&T):

  • How can AI be used to address some of the challenges associated with test design, automation and quality measurement?
  • how AI can be used to address test data challenges?
  • How best to test AI, considering the underlying ethics?


One key to unlock your productivity potential? Power Platform in focus

We work with businesses across the globe to balance digital transformation with enterprise productivity. In 2022, low code systems like Power Platform are uniquely placed to help enterprises to solve key internal Digital Transformation challenges. Expensive IT teams are distracted by development requests and legacy system issues, while under growing pressure to accelerate time-to-market, cut costs and deliver on Digital Transformation. Meanwhile, enterprises face a shortage of skilled developers.

Low-code systems like Power Platform offer a cost-saving solution, by empowering employees to quickly develop apps and introduce new capabilities and services to market. Power Platform’s deep integration with Microsoft O365 and M365 means the system goes beyond low-code development to offer a complete enterprise productivity platform. Implementing Power Platform across organizations enables IT teams to protect their budgets and increase their capacity for digital transformation and pro-code development. We will discuss how Power platform can multiply your organizations development power and show the do’s and don’ts of scaling low code development.


Sustainability can be a core driver of cloud innovation

The cloud is revolutionizing the IT industry in many ways. Customers consume 77% fewer servers, 84% less power and reduce carbon emissions by 88% by using the cloud, and there is no denying that it’s positive impact on the environment is just another one of it’s many positive attributes. First, cloud providers themselves are becoming better at using renewable energy, and thus providing more carbon-efficient platforms for applications and data. Enterprises might leverage some solar and wind, but they won’t get to the scale of hyperscalers. Therefore, it’s more carbon efficient to offload processing to public cloud providers than it is for an enterprise to stand up its own wind or solar farms.

Second, the cloud model itself is inherently efficient. The cloud is about sharing resources. Enterprises routinely leverage only a portion of the servers they have in their private data centers, with some onsite servers averaging only 10% utilization. This is largely because they need to purchase compute and storage resources well ahead of need, thus their low utilization. In this session we will discuss how to apply additional services on top of your cloud environment, to create better insights and abilities to act on the changes also requested from your IT environments and organization.


Joseph Pine: The Metamorphosis of the ‘New You’ business

As the co-author of the 1999 seminal book The Experience Economy (re-published in 2020), Pine is an internationally acclaimed speaker and management advisor to Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups alike.

His book explores how goods and services are no longer enough; what companies must offer today are experiences: memorable events that engage each customer in an inherently personal way.

David Rose: The Metamorphosis Towards ‘Supersight’

David Rose, MIT lecturer, inventor, and entrepreneur, draws on culture, design, travel, and music to envision future products and businesses sparked by the next generation of technology. His last book, Enchanted Objects, is the definitive book on designing the Internet of Things. Rose wrote the seminal patent on photo sharing, founded an AI company focused on computer vision, and was VP of Vision Technology at Warby Parker. He is known for translating complex technologies into delightfully intuitive new products and consulting with businesses on how to thrive during digital disruption. Rose’s work has been featured at the New York Museum of Modern Art, covered in The New York Times, WIRED, The Economist, and parodied on The Colbert Report.

Jamie Bartlett: The Metamorphosis of Money

Jamie Bartlett is a technology writer and broadcaster. His books include the best-selling Dark Net, Radicals, and The People Vs Tech. He was also featured in the the BBC2 series The Secrets of Silicon Valley and his podcast, The Missing Cryptoqueen, was #1 on iTunes and won the 2020 BBC Audio Journalism Award.

Alka Roy: The Metamorphosis towards Responsible Innovation

Alka is a Bay Area innovator and founder of Responsible Innovation Labs helping leaders make awesome and people-centered organizations, products, and tech. She’s also an investor and leader who has built and launched over 100+ Wireless, Cloud & Conversational AI products. From a tech side you can definitely say she’s made her hands dirty. Alka has testified with the US AI Commision, is on the 100 Brilliant Women in AI & Ethics List and lectured at the University of Berkeley and Linux Foundation on 5G, AI & Data Science. Two questions preoccupy her: How are we designing our future? And how is that design, designing us?

Alka will walk through what is broken in our current game of innovation and leadership. And what our world would look like if we changed the rules of the game and organized it in a way that builds awesome teams, products and technology.

Floris Alkemade:  Metamorphosis

Floris Alkemade worked for years as an architect for the architectural firm of Rem Koolhaas. He later started his own agency. For many years, Floris was the Dutch Chief Government Architect who provided the government with solicited and unsolicited advice.

Under the title “Metamorphosis” we will hear how he as an architect views social issues and how transformations can be made possible. For this he draws, among other things, from his book “The Future of the Netherlands” .

Kristiina Tiilas:  The Metamorphosis towards Intelligent Manufacturing through AR and VR

Kristiina Tiilas is a Digital strategist with strong physics background. Focus on future trends on digital transformation and leadership.

At the moment Kristiina leads Digital platform unit in Outokumpu (Stainless steel industry).

James McQuivey: Your Next Metamorphosis

James, VP Research Director at Forrester Research, tracks and predicts behavior change, whether among consumers or employees. In his tenure at Forrester, he successfully forecast the rise of online shopping in 1998 and more recently predicted the arrival of Amazon’s Echo platform before it existed. His models succeed because he focuses on an understanding of core human needs and motivations, using that foundation to predict why, when, and how people will try new things. In February 2013, James published his book Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation. Currently, he is the research director for Forrester's Future of Work team, guiding a team of analysts to not only identify changes in the world of work but also prepare clients in every industry to approach these changes as opportunities instead of threats.

Previously at Forrester, James ran Consumer Technographics® North America, Forrester's unparalleled consumer research effort. In addition to keynoting at industry events and Forrester forums, James is routinely sought after for comment by such publications as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Mairead Cullen: The Metamorphosis of Telecommunications

Mairead, IT Director at Vodafone,  has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years. She joined Vodafone in 1997 from Ericsson and has held a variety of roles in Ireland, UK and Vodafone Group Technology function. Prior to being appointed IT Director, she lead the Vodafone Ireland Business Transformation programme which included replacing the Billing, CRM, Digital, Care and Retail systems. She also previously led the launch of Vodafone TV and converged services. Prior to working within IT, Mairead led the Vodafone Network Engineering team in Ireland and subsequently in Vodafone UK. Mairead holds a BSc in Applied Physics & Chemistry, MSc in Optoelectronics and an MBA.

Marc Flynn: The Metamorphosis of the Insurance Industry

With over 25 years of experience working on large scale transformation programs with international insurance & banking organizations, Marc leads the Product Consulting & Customer Success team at FINEOS Corporation as the Global Head of Product Consulting.

Marc has a deep understanding of the challenges that leaders face when implementing change and how organizations can overcome those challenges and achieve transformational success.  Marc is passionate about customer success, technology, organizational health and the corporate culture necessary to achieve continuous transformation.

Meike Bartels: The Metamorphosis towards a happiness doctrine

Meike Bartels is professor in Genetics and Wellbeing at the VU University in Amsterdam, better known as the ‘Happiness professor’. She sees happiness more as a catalyzer than an end point. It makes you wonder what and how happiness can catalyze within the organisation. Based on scientific research Meike Bartels will plead for a radical change for organizations and the whole economy: happiness as a doctrine, replacing the old and obsolete world views.

Watch Joe Pine in discussion with Michiel Boreel, CTO at Sogeti


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Watch David Rose in discussion with Michiel Boreel, CTO at Sogeti 


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Watch Jamie Bartlett in discussion with Michiel Boreel, CTO at Sogeti


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Practical information


We are excited to host our annual Sogeti Executive Summit at The Westin Hotel in Dublin, Ireland!


The Sogeti Executive Summit is a VIP, invitation-only event reserved for our top clients.  As such, we look forward to hosting you as our special guest.

You will need to provide your own transportation to and from the hotel. Once you arrive, our team will cover your hotel accommodations for October 13th along with all your meals throughout the Summit.

Speaker Presentations and Recordings

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Margo Langeweg
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