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Scarcity in Abundance - Research Reports

Two new research reports have just been launched by SogetiLabs under the theme of Scarcity in Abundance - they describe a future where an abundance of artificial intelligence, and a scarcity of physical resources, coincide (such as water, metals, a stable climate, and biodiversity). The paradox that arises from this presents organizations and society with a major dilemma: using artificial intelligence to stimulate economic growth leads to more scarcity of physical resources. We see both the tumultuous growth of the economy in recent decades, and the recent explosion in the use of AI, as a major social experiment and the reports delve in to the major issues of our time.

The Rise of the Experience Ecology


In "The Rise of the Experience Ecology," we explore the complex interaction between economic, ecological, and socio-psychological trends. We investigate how these trends lead to new challenges, and opportunities, for business and society, and the revolutionary changes that are needed in the future. In two scenarios, post-growth and eco-modernism are outlined, and the report also places a specific focus on the role of IT in concepts including techno-sobriety, consciousness technology, and 'deep' technology. The report notes that the growing influence of IT on greenhouse gas emissions means that there is an increasingly critical view of the use of information technology.

The Great AI Experiment


"The Great AI Experiment," provides an in-depth analysis on the impact of artificial intelligence to society and business, and the various order effects of the further spread of AI. For example, we are dealing with the consumerization of AI: we see that AI applications are increasingly integrated into our daily lives and work. We also describe the potential of machine creativity, and its influence on business processes and innovation, but also warn of the unforeseen effects of an abundance of artificial intelligence.

Speaker Presentations and Recordings


After more than a decade of abundance, where the economy was steadily expanding, money was free, globalization was progressing, geo-politics were as boring as they should be and life was generally good, the world has taken a decisive turn towards a different future. Scarcity has re-emerged as an urgent priority on the executive agenda. Suddenly we find ourselves in a perma-crisis, where all certainties seem to have disappeared.

There is a steady flow of new, potentially transformative, ready to scale, technologies like Generative Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic biology, Quantum Computing, and Virtual and Augmented Reality, that promise solutions to all our challenges. Yet in a world where scarcity is in abundance, we must think carefully about the choices we make, including the technologies our businesses use.

During our Sogeti Executive Summit we will develop an optimistic scenario, minted by one of the speakers as “The Great Progression”, to write the future you want and explore some of the technologies that will help you get there.

In this 24-hour intense program, perspectives from many different angles will be presented by authoritative speakers, interspersed with discussion amongst your peers. Participating in the summit will help you develop a scenario for your organization successfully riding the wave of “The Great Progression”, including an action list of where to start.

State of the Art sessions

Revolutionizing Software Development and Testing with Generative AI

'Quality at speed' is the mantra not just for testers, but also for developers. This necessitates a paradigm shift in traditional methods, and that's where Generative AI comes into play. This transformative technology promises to revolutionize the way both developers and testers approach their work, enhancing productivity and expediting delivery.
Our discussion will extend beyond the technical to encompass strategic considerations: the creation and maintenance of custom AI platforms, the upskilling imperative in an AI-integrated workforce, and the role of AI in crafting a unique market differentiation strategy. Discover how this technology can help your organization maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly complex and fast-paced digital landscape.

Native Apps: Think of a new idea on Monday, have it running in production on Friday

Modern enterprises have evolved into software companies. Even if your business doesn’t sell software, the application and computing infrastructure at the core of your business is now your most important product line. How long does it take your development team to deliver a new application feature, test it, and push it out to production for your users? Today, and in the future, the answer will be weeks or days. For the most agile firms, timeframes of hours are the new standard. To achieve this kind of velocity, enterprises have had to make the transition from monolithic, legacy desktop and client-server applications to lighter, loosely coupled RESTful, API-based services.
Let’s discuss the true value of Modern Apps.

Data for Net Zero: The gold standard for corporate climate action

Many businesses and governments have set net-zero targets and now need to be fully equipped to act on their carbon accounting. Once you’ve evaluated your current state, you can define your strategy; translating carbon assessments into tangible insights to monitor and report at scale through industrialized measurement powered by trusted Data & AI accelerators and solutions.
By enabling simulations, and applying advanced sustainability analytics (providing centralized, real-time insights), you'll form actions plans – shaping your net-zero ambitions into a universal, sustainable future for you and others.



Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm

Legal implications of Generative Al

Claudia Senik

The Economics of Happiness

Cyril Garcia

Capgemini's Sustainability Vision

David Weinberger

Knowledge without Understanding

Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson

Scarcity of Trust

Frank Trentmann

Empire of Things

James McQuivey

Leading in times of "Scarcity in Abundance"

Jeroen van der Most

Art and Al

Marcus Du Sautoy

The Creativity Code

Peter Leyden

The Great Progression

Susan Paulson

The Case for Degrowth

Tijana Nikolic

The Myths of Generative Al

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