The magic is in the making

Welcome to the V3 of the Sogeti brand.

We’re pleased to share our new brand guidelines, refreshed and ready to use!

Sogeti Global Marketing have created our brand V3. We’ve added in more details and examples to the guidelines to help increase brand consistency across all Sogeti. We’ve also created a selection of ready-made digital assets for use as your starting point when creating branded output.

We introduce a Primary Brand Shape and 2-color logo alternative; the pairing of these elements creates a new ‘shop front’ for Sogeti.

Illustration is still a core element of Sogeti’s visual identity, helping us to visualize the ways in which we work and how the different areas of our expertise come together to create technology solutions of true value. Alongside this, we will be using more photography in our presentation. We can show our human, personal and collaborative approach with these simple and flexible illustrations and through carefully selected photography. There’s no hard rule to list which topics or offerings best suit illustration or photography, however our recommendation is photography for HR/Talent topics where we want to show our human approach.

We've made a series of V3 branded assets for Sogetians to use on design projects. If any future updates are applied, you'll receive an announcement, keeping you up to date.

Brand V3 has been created internally by Sogeti Global Marketing. If you have a query and would like some guidance, if you have a request for new digital assets, or perhaps have a suggestion for future brand evolution, get in touch with Sogeti Global Marketing’s Head of Design