Intel Alliance

From the Internet of Things to the modern data center, Intel and Sogeti are working together to drive innovation for smart, connected workplaces. Our collaboration is enabling new levels of productivity while inspiring actionable, revenue-enhancing insights.

IT continually evolves and businesses need trusted advisors to help define their best path forward. As key technology allies in a fast-growing partnership, Sogeti and Intel together are committed to developing fresh business solutions that drive workplace transformation across every organization, from the data center to the cloud to the Internet of Things (IoT). Together, we are committed to helping customers leverage innovation to realize sustainable business benefits through new levels of collaboration, productivity and security.

As the world leader in computing innovation, Intel enables new technology experiences powering smart, connected devices that enrich the lives of every person on earth. Intel is at the heart of virtually every Sogeti solution:

  • In the data center – Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Optane for greater data insights and cloud-readiness
  • In the office – Intel® vPro™ technology and Intel® Unite™ software for smarter meetings and greater collaboration
  • On the go – 8th generation Intel® Core™ processors in a range of mobile devices for amazing performance  and security

Working together

Global oil and gas leader innovates for efficiency

Sogeti’s innovative digital app transforms a costly quality control process to save thousands of euros in operating costs.

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Our modern portfolio for Cloud presents our end-to-end capabilities. The market trends are clear. Digital and Cloud technologies are changing the way and pace of the way we do business.

Full public cloud adoption

Sogeti and Intel help INOWAI transform into one of Luxembourg's first public cloud-ready companies in under four months.

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SMART WorkSpace : Unlock the Benefits of Your Connected Workforce Strategy

The workplace is no longer a “place” – it’s a state of mind. To unlock the full value of every individual in today’s distributed environments, Intel and Sogeti have developed the SMART WorkSpace. Based on Sogeti’s Connected Workforce strategy, SMART WorkSpace empowers a digital-ready workforce to boost end-user productivity, improve business agility, address environmental objectives, and reduce overall IT costs. And, it helps organizations migrate to cloud-based, mobile-enabled, multi-platform solutions that use technology more effectively to speed up their business.

Share ideas globally using Sogeti SMART WorkSpace and Intel UNITE solution

Use Intel Unite® to connect and collaborate on ideas, span multiple geographical sites, and organize and share efficiently across meetings. Smart Workspace unlocks the true value of a connected workforce with In-Room Controls, Multiple OS Support, and support for SKYPE for Business, Cisco Telepresence and other conferencing solutions.  Manage your meetings remotely, keep meetings secure, and safeguard your sensitive data.  Start using the solution today!

Read more in our Intel Unite Solution Brochure

Sogeti Smart Workspace recommends new PCs with Intel® Optane™ technology to enhance employee productivity

Aging desktop computers and laptops struggle to keep up with the demands associated with modern businesses. Today’s feature-rich applications, larger document and file sizes, user multitasking, and a flood of background processes slow computer performance. Working in tandem, Intel® Optane™ and Intel® QLC 3D NAND technologies combine the newest memory and Solid State Drive (SSD) characteristics to increase employee productivity and reduce the frustration caused by slower, resource-constrained hardware.

A solution combining the two technologies is now available: Intel® Optane™ Memory H10 with Solid State Storage. The solution increases storage density while reducing system latency. Intel® Optane™ technology also supports the ability to “learn” which files and applications individual employees use most often, enabling even quicker access to employee work product. The right hardware, in combination with the Sogeti SMART WorkSpace platform, offers your team the modern tools they need for better collaboration anytime and anywhere.

Read more in our Intel Optane brochure

Sogeti protects users and credentials from end to end with Intel

Smart Workspace with Intel Authenticate protects users login data from end to end and inside the hardware of the device. Throughout capturing, modifying, updating or revoking, every step in the Intel Authenticate solution is hardened from server to client. So credentials stay hidden while users stay productive, wherever and however they like to work. Security regulations like GDPR are forcing enterprises to adopt stricter protection protocols to ensure compliance. New hardware-based security tools like Intel Authenticate can better protect your data at the point of identity and access, to help you get in front of the latest regulations.

Learn more in our Secure Workspace with Authenticate brochure.

The Internet of Things : New Connections, Fresh Insights

In virtually every aspect of the business world, the Internet of Things (IoT) is inspiring innovation as more and more devices are connected like never before. Intel and Sogeti are removing the barriers to IoT adoption as millions of new connections create a massive surge of data that businesses can leverage to create a richer customer experience.

Data Center Solutions: Greater Agility and Insights

Organizations today can expect more from their data centers: more flexibility, more actionable insights derived from analytics, and a more efficient hardware footprint with lower operational costs. Sogeti deploys Intel® technologies for the data center, from Intel Xeon processors, Solid State Drives and gigabit Ethernet controllers to IT management solutions such as Intel® Data Center Manager.

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