Sogeti has partnered with Tricentis for more than 10 years – recognizing, early on, our shared commitment to innovation and creating customer value.

Since then, we’ve adopted Tricentis as our preferred QA partner for all client projects, drawing on the full range of Tricentis tooling for test management, collaboration and optimization across the development lifecycle.

That means increased confidence at every step.

Tricentis uses intelligent automation to help QA teams to focus their resources on testing the highest-risk, highest-impact elements in their development workload, for greater efficiency and more reliable development outcomes. Our engineers use Tricentis tooling across all technologies, including SAP.

We’re home to more than 700 certified Tricentis consultants worldwide.

Our dedicated Tricentis teams help our technologists to drive maximum value from the company’s systems. Better still: we regularly share our insights with Tricestis’ engineering and executive teams to help guide their innovation roadmap and deliver even more value to our clients.

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