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Automated and smooth billing process thanks to new architecture of the systems

Sogeti develops a Responsive Web eCommerce Portal for forest owner in Sweden.


The client needed  to develop a system that facilitates the billing of logging contractors, simplifying the certification procedure, automate accounting and create reliable forecasts for future sales. The goal was to get away from paper invoices and manually correct mistakes in the invoice flow. 


Sogeti was given the assignment to develop the two subsystems required under the name of EFA. First was the register of contracts, which is an internal system that handles contracts and price agreements made between client and the contractor. The second is contractor invoicing, which is the contractor’s portal for billing against the client for services rendered. Both these systems and the technology platforms are fully based on Microsoft platform and are structured as a multi-layered architecture. Microsoft Team Foundation Server was the development environment used for source control, automated builds, branching, Scrum planning, test cases, test reporting and unit tests.


The client and contractors have been very pleased with the way the billing has now become automated and a smooth process. The structured and multi-layered architecture of the systems reduces a cumbersome process and gets everyone on a common platform, reducing any errors. The client is now looking forward to further develop the systems to manage more entrepreneurial groups.