New website for Mälarenergi fits user needs and company's goals

Sogeti builds Mälarenergi's new website with a responsive design and a new and modern look.


Mälarenergi wanted to update their external website to better reflect their offering and the needs of its customers. Also, the website should be responsive and be given a modern design and feel.


Mälarenergi chose Sogeti to perform a pre-study in order to capture and understand the internal requirements and customer needs for the new website. As part of the pre-study, 20 interviews were conducted, covering all areas of the organization as well as important customers. In addition, user behavior was analyzed. The output of the pre-study became the foundation for the development project.

Sogeti was responsible for both the graphical design and user experience, as well as all front-end development. A number of new solutions were implemented, i.e. a parallax scrolling to separate branding images from other content and highlighting popular self-services.


Sogeti has given the website a modern look, drawing on the existing brand guidelines while adding a more modern and web-friendly feel. The website is well-balanced between user needs and the company’s goals. The user experience was developed using a mobile-first mindset.

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  • Jan Stenwall
    Jan Stenwall
    Digital Strategist
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  • Viktor Bärgård
    Viktor Bärgård
    Account Manager
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About Mälarenergi

Mälarenergi is a utility company that provides electricity, water and district heating in the greater Västerås area.

With an annual turnover of 350 million Euros and 150 000 customers, Mälarenergi is one of Sweden’s major utilities providers.