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Easier update of information about cancer care thanks to RCC Cancervård's new app

Sogeti develops mobile app to enhance cancer care for RCC Cancervård.


The client wanted a mobile app to enhance the availability of standardized healthcare processes and national healthcare programs. The app makes it easier for healthcare staff to keep up with the content of care processes and latest knowledge about what constitutes the best possible cancer care.


Sogeti helped develop a mobile app called Cancervård which includes five standardized healthcare processes for cancer introduced in Sweden in 2015, as well as the national health care programs for diagnoses. In autumn 2015, the number of care processes and care programs to be published in the app will increase. The app is developed for both mobile phones and tablets for Android, iOS, Windows Phone/8 with shared parts in Xamarin. App content is created and published through EPiServer8 CMS


In addition to standardized care process and the national plan the app also includes risk calculator to calculate recurrence risks and forecasts. The app also supports regionally targeted information, contact persons and efficient search function.


  • Sofia Tönnberg
    Sofia Tönnberg
    Business Manager at Sogeti Sweden
    070-248 92 05
About RCC

Regional Cancer Centers (RCC), is the knowledge organisation for County  Councils’ and regions  in the field of cancer  RCC is based on national cancer strategy and works with the County Councils and regions for a more knowledge-based, patient-focused, equal and accessible cancer care.