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2 Fundamental Reasons Why Your Marketing System Must Be A Platform

I’m biased. There. It’s out. I work with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) and the experiences and learnings from it colour my views.

The system you choose must be a Platform. Now I’m not talking PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) in the sense that you need to build your own from the scratch. I’m talking about a Platform in context of having a system where you can add on capabilities – from the same vendor or from new ones – without having to change your core system.

There are two fundamental reasons why your marketing system must be a platform:

1: You might start small – but you will scale

Like most companies, you might end up starting small. This is rational and perfectly sound decision. We’ll start our marketing venture with just migrating the weekly newsletter. Then when you’ve confirmed and are happy with the performance – you start thinking, what’s next? [...]


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Kenneth Wagner
Kenneth Wagner
Certified Salesforce, Pardot & Marketing Cloud Consultant
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