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5 Tips to help you survive the rise of the front-end engineer hipster

There is never a dull moment in software development. You just learned the newest cool framework and before the project is finished it is old again and there is a new kid on the block. Every new project another framework looking for authenticity.

Welcome to the world of the constantly changing world of the front-end engineer hipster. Every team member knows a new cool framework to work with. Not only  does the front-end engineer gets exhausted (front-end dev is getting exhausting) of the fast life cycle of frameworks. Also the backed engineer gets overwhelmed by new cool stuff, facing even more moving parts.

API’s evolve and innovate (see: http://www.programmableweb.com/ over 14.175 API to use), Cloud platforms release new functionality in an even faster way than front-end frameworks. The always stable .NET framework for Microsoft developers is splitting up in smaller parts and moved to an open source world and multi-platform. [...]


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