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Digital Transformation: It’s not a matter of IF, but When

Who works in IT has already enough heard the buzzword Digital Transformation but – as often happens to buzzwords – there are elusive and often very generic cliché.

Tuesday 08 March 2016, 00:00 to Monday 01 January 0001, 00:00

The questions that I have asked myself is probably naïve: what is the simple recipe to achieve this transformation? When a company can really say: “Yes! We did it!”? And how – as IT people – we can do to help?

No easy answers, of course, but a really fascinating book (Leading Digital), jointly written by Capgemini Consulting and MIT Center of Digital Business, helped me to find some of these answers; going through the different frameworks in the book, I have then tried to adapt what we can do from a technological standpoint, with what we should achieve to finally become digital leaders: it turns out that huge opportunities are out there [...]

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