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The Time of DevTest Labs is Over. Use DevOps to the Max

The evolution of DevTest Labs with DTAP environments, cloud, containers, toggles and serverless platforms. New platform capabilities and architectural patterns will change the need of a DevTest Lab.


Dev/Test Labs are used in software development for decades. Different types of environments are helping teams with continued integration, deployment and testing while delivering business value. Maintaining proper environments for these activities is known as a must-have practice for DevOps teams in Application Lifecycle Management.

Multiple environments (or stages) are used by teams. The development environment (or better an integration environment), the Test environment , Acceptance environment and the Production environment are often the minimal set used by teams. Wiki

It is very difficult for teams to keep up with this good practice of maintaining environments, for on premise infrastructures it is often impossible. Production is more important, you never get the correct configuration, the infra guys never have time, patches are forgotten, no money, no time to recreate an environment after a test, etcetera. I think you all know the challenges.[...]

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