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Agile is not the answer to everything!

A tool is a tool, it fits within a certain domain. I do not use a ladle to get my nails into wood and I do not stir my soup with a hammer (both might work to a certain degree, but are not specifically fit for it).

During the trainings I provide for colleagues and clients I often get the question “Where does Agile not work”. Funnily enough the question always focusses on the negative, as if the person who asks wants to disqualify Agile. I would love to one day be asked the opposite, but many people still struggle to get into the Agile mindset and might be looking for things to justify not getting there.

As I said, Agile is seen as a mindset, a way of working. It is not so much a tool, as it is an approach to solving things. So where does Agile work and what is not it’s domain? [...]

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