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Apple Watch and APIs in Healthcare

I was invited recently to talk about how the Apple Watch could be used in healthcare, and since I have already been involved in a number of watch app projects, I thought it would be fun to share the experience.

I was accompanied by Markus Holm, who developed and demonstrated an app that we had built for the event. The thing that got my attention was that the Swedish Healthcare authorities have been working for years to build a platform that offers open healthcare information and functionality. It is called the Health Innovation Platform (HIP) You can find more information on their website The most interesting part of the platform is a number of APIs and SDKs ( With them, any developer (after getting the right credentials) can develop solutions (webs, apps, etc) based on this information. I am convinced that APIs such as these will allow organizations in all sectors to build very powerful eco-systems of value to the benefit for many users. [...]


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