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Cloud Security is a Shared Responsibility

The great benefits of the Cloud are its flexibility, on-demand availability, cost effectiveness, scalability and the way it enables a more agile approach to working.

When you’re considering your cloud security strategy, you need to ensure that it reflects these characteristics to be truly effective. Maintaining security in the Cloud also necessitates a shared responsibility between Cloud Service Providers and their clients. As it’s impossible for clients to simply walk into a supplier’s datacentre to implement security measures; you need to use tools such as guest operating system firewalls, Virtual Network Gateway configuration, and Virtual Private Networks to secure your estate.

Only by working together can you ensure that your applications and data are protected, the required compliance regulations are met and maximum levels of business continuity are achieved. It’s essential to take each of the different aspects of Cloud deployment, physical infrastructure, network infrastructure, virtualization layer, operating system, applications and data to determine which security measures fall within the remit of the providers and which need to be dealt with directly by the client. [...]


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