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Blog: Coming to Grips with IT in 2016

When did you have a truly clarifying conversation around IT-related high-order concepts? I mean for instance Big Data or the Internet of Things?

Since June 2011, the website Whatsthebigdata.com is dedicated to this specific moving target. It’s a pet project of Mr. Gil Press, Forbes columnist and former Senior Director Thought Leadership Marketing at EMC Corporation. In October 2015, Dell bought EMC – famous for its Data Lake 2.0 approach – at a staggering 67 billion dollar, which qualifies as the largest deal in tech history ever.

This conclusively indicates that Big Data means Big Money, and that its importance is only about to grow. One month later however, Textio and BloombergBusiness noted that Big Data in 2015 had lost over 35% as a prominent buzzword in tech job postings. Gil Press commented:

‘Two years ago Big Data was everywhere. Companies bragged about using it. New investment funds and top 40 bands were named after it. Engineering job listings containing Big Data were significantly more popular than those that did not. But today, Big Data has become so highly saturated that its use has passed into cliché.’ [...]


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