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Docker: Why Bigger is better?

Bigger is better, would probably remind you about a lot of good or bad jokes. During my two last meetings in 2015, I had two interesting discussions, one was about offshore and the other one about Docker.

I am not going to spend time on the offshore topic, I already wrote about that few months ago, so I will just complement the previous topic by saying that Bigger is better when it comes to offshore. The initial offset or effort of leveraging offshore is usually hard to explain or show case when you are only working with one or couple of resources offshore, so the bigger you go the better and the faster you will see return on investment. The questions are always:  where is the starting point and is there a limit? There isn’t a unique preformatted answer. It would depend on the type of services, the level of complexity, maturity, industrialization and normalization of your IT. [...]


To read the whole post and interact, please visit the SogetiLabs blog: Docker: Why Bigger is better?

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