Enabling deeper client relationships through continuous learning and development

I’ve been part of the Sogeti family for 15 years now, so I have witnessed how our industry has changed and evolved. This rate of change is quite staggering, with new apps and technologies continually emerging. So, for me to add the maximum value to the clients with which I work, I have to keep pace with these changes through continuous learning and development.

As an Engagement Manager (EM), client engagement is an essential part of my role. I am responsible for a Healthcare client and manage all aspects of what Sogeti delivers to this account, along with the people, the finances and additional sales opportunities. But I want to go the extra mile for my customer and add the maximum value in order to meet their increasing expectations.

It’s about developing our relationship and becoming true partners. To achieve this, they have to place trust in me – and Sogeti - that what we are delivering is right for them, and that we have listened to their needs. But it’s also about protecting, endorsing and delivering against our brand values.

My EM training has been invaluable, empowering me to know the various aids that I can seek during my journey. Recreating situations, using case studies and roleplay, along with team games has really brought the learning to life while making it engaging. It has really helped me to reflect how I handle certain situations and taught me how I could have done better.

After I completed my EM Level 2 certification, it inspired me to push on to the next level towards EM Level 3. This was a real rollercoaster journey, and targeted being able to manage and run any type of engagement, while handling uncertainty. It focussed on all aspects of a successful relationship, while preparing for having difficult conversations. Everything was aimed at making sure we can deliver the maximum value for our clients.

EM3 was far more intense than Level 2 with multiple interviews and presentations to the India board, global board and EM board. I also attended the Most Complex Engagement (MCE) workshop in Paris, which gave me an opportunity to travel and explore the wider Capgemini universe.

The support I received from my mentor, colleagues and peers has been incredible, motivating me when the going was tough and managing my fear of failure. This sort of help and guidance to prepare for the Certification was really important to me, and it demonstrates the learning culture that we have within our organization.

Throughout my EM journey I have experienced many different scenarios and seen things in a different light, and this is all part of managing engagement challenges. During this time, I came across various aspiring EM leaders within Sogeti who have shared their own experiences of different challenges they have faced and the ways which they have handled them. This not only helped me build my network, but also taught me the value of teamwork and collaboration.

This has also encouraged me to become a role model to other colleagues who are seeking to further their own learning and development. So, if I can offer any advice, I would quote the great Winston Churchill:

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."


Pravin Panat
Pravin Panat
Regional Delivery Manager, Sogeti India