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Fail to Fail

Since the first of march this year I switched to another business line within Sogeti Netherlands. With a sense of melancholy, I decided it was time to leave the world of test and quality after 10 years, knowing that in my heart I will always look at the quality and see imperfections in the software I work with.

For some time now I felt the need to shift to the front, more to the business side of IT if you will, where transformations take form rather than testing the result of that transformation.

So when Harm Pul asked me if I was willing to join his business line I acted like I usually do, go for it with no hesitation or regret.

The business line is called technology transformation and my role is that of a transformation consultant, operation in the heart of digital transformation, disruptions and change management.

One of the topics in our ‘new’ business line is customer value and customer journey. As I am new to most of the offered services and expertise in the technology transformation business line I got myself wondering, what is customer value and what customer are we serving? [...]


To read the whole post and interact, please visit the SogetiLabs blog: Fail to Fail

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Hans Lantink
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