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Force of Habit is a Good Habit for Agile

It’s what I heard in the New York subway. “Oh I do that out of a force of habit.”

Habitual things can be bad things, especially when they turn out to be addictions. But besides that, they are usually neither bad nor good. They are what make you “you”. They are what make you good at your job, or more efficient in what you do for yourself.

You lock your bicycle when you arrive at the public library, you put your reading glasses in your left jacket pocket. You do things because they make sense and stick to it.

When it comes to Agile we want to break through the tradition. But only when this tradition is holding you back from improving. In fact we want people to create new habits. To become more efficient.

It’s how we learn to do things. The first time we need assurance. We need to test the waters and we need to get more confidence doing what we do. This is how I learned to drive a car. And I was not very quick at that. It took me a while to feel comfortable driving because there is no real margin for error. [...]


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