Gustav Segerberg

"Matching the customers’ needs with a concrete solution makes my day"

Get to know Gustav Segerberg, BI & Analytics Engineer at Sogeti in Linköping, Sweden. Read as he shares his expertise and what drives him in his career at Sogeti.

Describe yourself in three words:

Committed, reliable, driven.

Tell us a little about your background!

I had heard about the possibilities in data analysis and AI and it always fascinated me. After spending a sabbatical year in the Austrian Alps, I started my master's degree program in industrial economics at Umeå University, where I studied mathematical statistics. This led to a few years as a consultant in data analysis in the pharmaceutical industry and I got to be involved and contribute to better healthcare, which was incredibly interesting! Sogeti was, for me, an exciting company with great expertise in data and analysis and in 2021 I started working here with a focus on data analysis and visualization.

What has your career at Sogeti looked like?

In 2021, Sogeti welcomed me with open arms and many ideas on how we can help our customers become more data-driven which led to several different projects with a focus on data-driven decision-making. Right now I work as a BI specialist to promote data-driven decision-making in a Swedish municipality. Thus, I get to be involved and contribute to a better primary school where decision-makers gain an increased understanding of the business with the data they have.

What are you most passionate about in your area of ​​expertise?

I think it's incredibly fun to see how organizations can both save time and improve their operations with data-driven solutions. It's also fun to see that the best solutions do not necessarily have to be so complex.

How do you share your expertise?

No one is happier than me to meet a colleague and discuss how a problem can be solved in an optimal way. In addition, I participate in various events where I get to share my knowledge. For example, you can learn more about data-driven decisions in the Power BI tool in the Effect podcast where I participate.

A really good day at work, what happens then?

When I manage to listen to the customer's needs and dot it together with well-adapted solutions, it does not just my day, but my whole week!

How is a typical Sogetist?

A typical Sogetist possesses a broad competence of technical solutions and happily shares it with others.

Why do you work at Sogeti?

At Sogeti, you listen to each individual's own goals and manage their development accordingly. Being a part of a large company, there are lots of exciting projects and competent colleagues, which gives a wonderful boost to everyone's opportunities to develop.