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Holiday Readiness – Tuning Your App Stack

In my previous post, I outlined why holiday readiness is important and how to get started. In this post, I will discuss some of the approaches to optimize the infrastructure that will handle the holiday traffic.


Tuning an App in isolation is like buying a million-dollar super car, and having no race track to drive it on. Sure you could drive it on the street, but you wouldn’t be taking full advantage of the car’s potential. This is why, it is important to optimize all layers of your site’s stack.

Making Changes Under the Hood

There are several aspects of an e-commerce operation that need to be optimized. As with any site, the constant changes (new projects, new content, etc.) typically tend to undo the optimizations from the previous year. There may also be other factors such as new infrastructure or new versions of software in your application stack. Organizations tend to discount the impact of tuning infrastructure (especially if it’s virtualized), and this should be your starting step. [...]


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