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How Can Cancer Institutes Improve their Patients Pre-screening?

In January 2015, a study published by Rennes university and Inserm, concluded that patients pre-screening could be improved by a systematic review of the medical records. This study confirmed the potential gain in using semi-automated pre-selection of MDC reports, in order to avoid missing out on patients eligible for RCTs.

The issue

By working with several cancer institutes in France, SOGETI faced a similar challenge in order to provide solutions for improving clinical trials patients pre-screening by automating as much as possible the pre-screening process. In this blogpost, I will be discussing a solution in development in my team.

The existing pre-screening process

The patients pre-screening process requires that clinicians and researchers manually cross reference patient data with clinical trials inclusion and exclusion criteria. It takes time and a lot of human resources.

It was difficult using classical IT approaches to propose solutions because patient’s data are not all structured. Surgery, chemotherapy, anapathology reports are written in full text. The challenge consists in finding matches between clinical trials inclusion/exclusion criteria and information contained in text reports. [...]


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