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How to predict the unpredictable? Smart wind and solar power

Wind and solar power are part of the energy of the future, but this kind of energy is intermittent which is a great challenge for their expansion. But things are changing, thanks to Big Data and artificial intelligence which are producing ultra-accurate forecasts that will make it feasible to integrate much more renewable energy into the grid.

An example in the USA, eastern Colorado wind farms

Every few seconds, almost every one of the hundreds of turbines records the wind speed and its own power output. Every five minutes they dispatch data to high-performance computers 100 miles away at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder. Their artificial-intelligence-based software analyse the numbers, along with data from weather satellites, weather stations, and other wind farms in the Colorado state. The result: wind power forecasts of unprecedented accuracy that are making it possible for Colorado to use far more renewable energy, at lower cost, than utilities ever thought possible.


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