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I don’t want the Medium to be the Message!

I love technology. I love innovation. I love communication. But please, can we, now, stop inventing new iterations of the same thing?

Can we please stop making up new ways to share content? We can, now, send long or short texts, pictures, video and live streams. We can send them to individuals, to groups, to all our friends or to anyone. We can do so with name attached or anonymously. We can do so on mobile or computer or both. We can invite responses or not. We can like, share or retweet. We can even say that content should only be available for a short time, for people in the same area or for people with a special key.

Startups have been exploring all the cross-sections of these dimensions and marketing them as Snapchat, Twitter, Meerkat, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, etc. So, let me be a grumpy old man for a minute; but now, it has to stop! [...]


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