Sogeti 20

International Youth Day

Meet some of our young Sogeti team members

Bastien Cantiteau – Sogeti France

IT Developer


“At Sogeti we get to go beyond just our roles and participate in interesting causes. Nature inspires me and taking part in activities like Cap Sur le Code and Sogeti4ThePlanet was something I truly enjoyed”

“Fun fact about me: I’m currently working on fitting out an off-road vehicle with which I plan to explore new places around the world”

“The best thing about Sogeti is that here our voice and happiness matters. Employee feedback is taken seriously and that makes it a healthy place to work”

Peyton Van Gundy – Sogeti USA

Senior Recruiter East Division


“I recently hired my 100th Sogetian! Over the past three years, I’ve hired into all different types of roles including all levels of experienced candidates. Last year, I was an Elite Club Winner in recognition for my ongoing dedication, team spirit and contributions to Sogeti’s 2021 success.”

“Fun fact about me: I am really into fitness! Whether it’s on the Peloton leaderboard or playing a round of golf, I make sure to keep myself active”

“The best thing about working at Sogeti is that I can bring any idea to the table and my opinion is always considered”

Ruben Martinez Martinez – Sogeti Spain

QAT Engineer


“Currently I’m working as an automatic and manual tester for Carrefour. I drive my inspiration from my work itself and I think it’s very satisfying when a testing project I’m working on runs smoothly”

“Fun fact about me: I used to play in a professional e-sports team

“What I love about Sogeti is that we are a united team and if I ever need any support I know I can go to anyone and they’ll do everything they can to help me”

Callum Porter – Sogeti UK

QA Engineer


“Aside from my work in Automation and Quality Assurance, I have built an internal community called NextGen which allows me to take a hands-on approach to improve engagement and confidence amongst young employees. The aim being to share my own knowledge but most importantly encouraging others to do the same as well.”

“Fun fact about me: I’m a keen rugby player who plays throughout the year, switching between rugby league and rugby union.”

“My advice to aspiring Sogeti employees would be to embrace the knowledge of others. Sogeti has some great minds who are willing to share their expertise and resources which you can definitely gain from”

Kiva Oates – Sogeti Ireland

Software Tester


“I am so proud of how far I have come as a tester already since joining in January, getting my ISTQB foundation certificate only after a few weeks of being hired and also completing many courses and learnings about ETL, database testing and systems/tools we use for testing.”

“Fun fact about me: I am an IPF powerlifter, I compete competitively in powerlifting and just came 2nd place in my most recent competition. Coming 2nd to the best female lifter in the country was an amazing achievement; seeing as I am only getting started in the sport.”

“Sogeti is a place of opportunity ! I could see that from the moment I was hired; if you work hard enough and believe in yourself, you can get to the place you set your mind to”


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Do you like a challenge?

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