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Internet of Things: Culture clash or end of cultures?

“Could my loss of focus be a result of all the time I’ve spent online? In search of an answer to that question, I began to dig into the many psychological, behavioural, and neurological studies that examine how the tools we use to think with — our information technologies — shape our habits of mind.”

brainCulture clash This part of his article: “How the Internet is making us stupid” in the Telegraph, Nicolas Carr asks himself this question: ‘Could my loss of focus be a result of all the time I’ve spent online?’ Let us take Carr's questions to schools and universities. Students with concentration problems, teachers with classrooms full of mobile focused students. Some people say: “Why do we teach in a way we did over decades? We now have new ways of learning, let us embrace that!” Others are more sceptical: “Everything is going so fast, and if even the young people hardly can keep up with all the changes, how about the old ones?” Clash of people as ‘things’ Is it really only a culture clash between young and old, or is there more going on? In her article: “The internet of things is setting up the ultimate culture clashStacey Higginbotham points us to the direction of having debates about how the internet is not only making us stupid but also puts us in the position of products...


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Internet of Things: Culture clash or end of cultures?.

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