Keep on learning to ‘Become Your Best’

Learning and personal development are very much part of our culture here at Sogeti. And with a commitment to 100% certification of all our technical people this year, it’s clear that there is also a strategic focus on driving skills excellence.

For my own part with a 15-year background as a solution architect, I have always kept up with certification at different levels, both from a technology perspective and with things like Scrum Master certification. Having now moved into a sales role, you might think I wouldn’t need to pursue technology certification with such vigour. But you’d be wrong.

In fact, I have recently been Microsoft certified in Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals. I won’t stop there. I believe certification is highly relevant because there will always be gaps — black holes — in your knowledge, especially in areas where you might not be actively working so aren’t acquiring the expertise at first hand.

Now that I’m in sales, ongoing learning takes on a different perspective. I’m not seeking certification to broaden my technical delivery know-how specifically, but more to ensure I have credibility with my clients. Yes, I might be in sales rather than delivery, but clients still want to have technical discussions with me. They need to have confidence in my ability to understand their technology challenge and how Sogeti can help address it.

So, while my latest certification is simply at Fundamentals level, which Microsoft recommends as being ideal for those just starting in tech or thinking about a career change, it keeps my finger on the technology pulse. Beyond certification, I also jump at the opportunity to accept invitations to Microsoft bootcamps, such as their Business Application Cloud Week. There are always tracks for different certifications to build your knowledge.

I’d urge any new joiner at Sogeti to invest in their personal development through certification and upskilling, whether you’re on the technology side of the business or in sales. All employees have an opportunity to work with their managers to plan career development for the year, including what courses and certifications are most relevant. So, make sure that you have that conversation.

Sogeti aspires to be a ‘Home for Technology Talents’, with ongoing learning and certification an important facet of this. Sogeti is working with technology partners like Microsoft to continue developing clear technology paths so that we can all ‘Become our Best’.

Anders Waller
Anders Waller
Director of Employee Experience Solutions